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60 Years of Challenge - The Automatic Seduction System

Posted by Euphory Girl on Selasa, 21 Januari 2014

60 Years of Challenge - The Automatic Seduction System
The video on this page reveals an undetectable seduction trick called The Invisible Force. The secret of “The Force” was discovered while interviewing hundreds of women about why they chose to sleep with one guy and NOT another. At first women told us they wanted a nice guy or a someone who could make them laugh. However, when we dug deeper we found that every time a woman actually slept with a guy there was always one thing in common. And that was the presence of…. Sexual Tension

Privately (after a few drinks) women finally confessed that they would never fvck a guy if he didn’t make her feel those sexual butterflies. But when you do, you can easily get her panties off. And the best part is, this Invisible FORCE acts like a *secret weapon* making her forget her “rules” and lets you bang her on the first night (it literally forces her to fall for you)

So how can you use this FORCE to guarantee a steady rotation of 9′s and 10′s all begging you to take them to bed (even if you’re short, balding and broke). Don’t worry, it’s even easier than you think. This free presentation will show you the correct way to apply “the force” and more importantly, what mistakes to avoid when using it on the women you want. DO NOT skip the part where I demonstrate this trick live on an unsuspecting model (spoiler alert: she gets totally turned on)

And just a heads up. It’s not uncommon for a guy to get laid just hours after learning the secret I reveal in this video. So if you...Read More Detail

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