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#1 paranormal ghost hunting software

Posted by Euphory Girl on Jumat, 31 Januari 2014

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But by far the BIGGEST Challenge was after collecting all the background information, doing all the interviews, noting information found during a preliminary investigation, gathering hours upon hour of information and data during the investigation, then reviewing the evidence ....The alarms go off !!! How could I put all this together in to one neat, professional looking package to give to the client without looking like a bunch of third rate amateurs ???

In doing an investigation you use a large variety of tools and equipment. This is where all that information will be store so as you make your report you may choose one two or all pieces of your equipment arsenal to be added and  included in your final report. This list is also easy to add, edited and delete as your arsenal grows...  

This is a feature that your going to love as it allows all members who have been added to the "Investigators Profile" list to be included in a bulk email...This is a wonderful way to keep members updated in one easy step.  

Here you will again be able to add and compile a list of all types of activity and with a click of your mouse add all activity that was  experience during a given investigation directly to your report.  

If your final report is on CD or DVD, recordings then would be available to all whom maybe interested in listening to the EVPs your team captures during it's investigation.  

This great little feature lets you add as many jpeg photos as you wish to your report and neatly places them 4 to a page...

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